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You’ve made the momentous decision to sell your home. So what’s next?

In today’s market, the process of selling your home has never been more complex. Rapidly changing home values, increased regulations, and numerous marketing options mean that to truly maximize the value of your home, you need a trusted advisor who understands your market, knows how to bring the best out of your property, and is willing to do what it takes to find the highest bidder.

Top Agents Are The Best Negotiators.

Agents typically will sell your home or property for thousands more than the average. Across all transactions, the top agents have shown they can negotiate a 9% higher selling price than the average. We are able to assess negotiation skill by evaluating factors such as listing price, actual selling price, neighborhood price trends, and more.

Top Agents Sell Houses Quickly.

Another benefit to finding a top listing real estate agent is speed. Listing a house is an art, if you price too high and your house remains on the market too long, the buyer market will lose momentum and potentially dry up. If you price too low, you may leave unnecessary dollars behind. The best listing agents understand the need to sell fast, and for the most money. These agents are highly responsive to customer needs, move fast, and are able to stage and prep a house in a way that appeals to the right demographic. 

A Better, More Experienced Real Estate Agent.

Nothing can replace deep knowledge of your local neighborhood. The best agents understand pricing trends, recent local market activity, what styles are resonating with the local community, as well as sophisticated marketing distribution.

What You Should Expect Out Of A Great Listing Agent.

The top listing agents don’t just post your home for sale online for prospective home buyers to submit bids, they maximize your chances of getting the best price by performing dozens of activities that lead to selling your home. Use this checklist to ensure that your selling agent is doing their job:

  • Analysis of pricing trends and local price per square foot
  • Automatic posting on all major online home search sites
  • Advertising in local publications
  • Prepping and staging expertise
  • Professional photography
  • Creation of marketing documents (flyers, etc.)
  • Access and monitoring of your private lock-box
  • Direct mail marketing program
  • Development of virtual tour (bonus)
  • Exclusive previews for other real estate brokers
  • Research on buyer motivations and capacity
  • 24-hour response turnaround time on client requests

In general, you should expect your real estate agent to be a world class marketer. The more people that see your home (in most cases), the greater likelihood that it will sell for the highest value.

Find The Perfect Listing Agent!

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